Automated Error Handling

For many companies it make a lot of sense to have a centralized solution for handling errors in production, like sentry or squash.

Thumbor must support this type of error handling in order to better integrate itself to it’s users environments.

Enabling Custom Error Handling

Enabling it is as simple as setting the configuration USE_CUSTOM_ERROR_HANDLING to True.

After that you need to set the custom error handler you want to use with the ERROR_HANDLER_MODULE configuration. Please note that this is the module full name, not the class full name.

Thumbor comes pre-packaged with sentry’s custom error handler: thumbor.error_handlers.sentry. If you decide to use it, please read below on how to configure it.

Sentry - thumbor.error_handlers.sentry

If you choose to use sentry custom error handler, all you need to do is fill the SENTRY_DSN_URL configuration with sentry’s DSN URL, which can be found in the admin page for your sentry project, like the one in the image below:

In Sentry, go to your project admin page, click Python.