Custom Handler Lists

Handler Lists are responsible for adding new handlers to thumbor.

Even thumbor’s own handlers (other than the default image crop handler) are added using handler lists(healthcheck, blacklist…).

Built-in Handler Lists

Thumbor comes with three handler lists built-in:

  • thumbor.handler_lists.healthcheck;

  • thumbor.handler_lists.blacklist;

  • thumbor.handler_lists.upload.

The healthcheck handler list adds a handler at whatever is in the HEALTHCHECK_ROUTE config.

The blacklist handler list adds a /blacklist handler that can be used to blacklist images.

The upload handler list adds two handlers for uploading and retrieving uploaded images.

Writing a new Handler List

Creating your own handler list is as simple as creating a new module with a get_handlers method:

from typing import Any, cast

from thumbor.handler_lists import HandlerList

from my.handlers.index import IndexHandler

def get_handlers(context: Any) -> HandlerList:
    something_enabled = cast(bool, self.context.config.SOMETHING_ENABLED)
    if not something_enabled:
        return []
    return [
        (r"/my-url/?", IndexHandler, {"context": self.context}),

After your handler list can be imported with python (check with python -c 'import <<your handler list module>>'), just add it to thumbor’s config:

from thumbor.handler_lists import BUILTIN_HANDLERS

# Two things worth noticing here:
# 1) The handler list order indicates precedence, so whatever matches first will be executed;
# 2) Please do not forget thumbor's built-ins or you'll kill thumbor functionality.