Usage: fill(color[,fill_transparent])


This filter returns an image sized exactly as requested independently of its ratio. It will fill the missing area with the specified color. It is usually combined with the “fit-in” or “adaptive-fit-in” options.


  • color - the color name (like in HTML) or hexadecimal RGB expression without the “#” character (see for example).

    If color is “transparent” and the image format, supports transparency the filling color is transparent.


    Some engines (like OpenCV engine) do not support transparency.

    If color is “auto”, a color is smartly chosen (based on the image pixels) as the filling color.

    If color is “blur”, the missing parts are filled with blurred original image.

  • fill_transparent - a boolean to specify whether transparent areas of the image should be filled or not. Accepted values are either true, false, 1 or 0. This argument is optional and the default value is false.