Usage: fill(color[,fill_transparent])


This filter permit to return an image sized exactly as requested wherever is its ratio by filling with chosen color the missing parts. Usually used with “fit-in” or “adaptive-fit-in”


  • color - the color name (like in HTML) or hexadecimal RGB expression without the “#” character (see for example).

    If color is “transparent” and the image format, supports transparency the filling color is transparent [1].

    If color is “auto”, a color is smartly chosen (based on the image pixels) as the filling color.

    If color is “blur”, the missing parts are filled with blurred original image.

  • fill_transparent - a boolean to specify whether transparent areas of the image should be filled or not. Accepted values are either true, false, 1 or 0. This argument is optional and the default value is false.