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http://www.globo.com - globo.com uses thumbor to generate dynamic images through all products across the portal. Around 15 billion images served per month.


http://www.properati.com.ar/ - properati is also using thumbor to generate several different sizes of their properties photos, using smart cropping to get the best possible thumbnails.

Thumbor made our lives better.

At Properati.com.ar we care a lot about user experience.

When our design team came up with a beautiful design that included thumbnails of 5 different sizes and specific cropping specs, instead of enhancing our home-made, simple thumbnail-generator process we moved to Thumbor and now, we cannot live without it.

Thanks a lot!


http://yipit.com/ - yipit now uses thumbor behind the CloudFront CDN at Amazon. Their detailed experience with setting up thumbor can be seen at this blog post.

Thumbor allows Yipit to iterate quickly on new designs without having to worry about introducing new image sizes.

On demand image generation was just too slow when integrated into our application servers, but Thumbor makes it possible.

No more going through old images and creating new thumbnails before we can roll out a new design!

Our initial Thumbor installation took less than an hour to set up, and we haven’t had to spend much time thinking about it since then.

Zach Smith - CTO


http://oony.com is using thumbor to serve thumbnail images behind Amazon’s Cloudfront CDN.

We’ve previously adapted the size of the thumbnails to what was required by our design team, forcing us to have many different versions of the images we have on our site.

With Thumbor we don’t have to worry about this anymore, and we can quickly iterate and make changes to our layouts serving the optimal image format each time.

Thumbor is awesome!


The Viadeo Group owns and operates professional social networks around the world with a total membership base of over 55 million professionals. Professionals use the networks to enhance their career prospects, discover business opportunities and build relationships with new contacts as well as to create effective online identities.

With headquarters based in Paris, the Group currently has over 450 staff with offices and teams located in 10 countries.

Viadeo is using Thumbor more and more. We used to have some home-made Java code to deliver images from http://www.viadeo.com. This code is still alive for some parts of our site.

Since the end of summer 2013, Thumbor is a reality at Viadeo. First via IOS application for member’s profile photos, then our news platform uses it for new parts of the site, taking more and more place and also some Android applications.

Thumbor helps us in migrating and decoupling applications from our storage backend. We were able to move from NFS (centralized and very sensitive to high loads) to a distributed storage like HBase, using a hbase storage plugin. Using the same technique of lazy loading (via Storage cache in thumbor) we can imagine changing our image’s storage at our convenience should apache HBase start to show deficiencies. This is really comfortable for Ops.


TypeTees is an easy-to-use iPhone app that lets you speak your mind by putting your super witty slogan into an original tee and order it immediately.

We use Thumbor to generate mobile thumbnails directly from the same large images that are sent to the t-shirt garment printer. It requires dealing with masks, feature trimming, transparent images, and replacing backgrounds to give users an easy-to-see preview of the t-shirt.

Thumbor made this possible and simple without having to write an image processor from scrap.

TypeTees was developed by www.prolificinteractive.com and you can learn more about how thumbor helped them at their engineering blog post.

just watch

Just Watch

At JustWatch, we’re big fans of Thumbor as well.

We’re serving it behind a CloudFront custom origin like many others, and features like WebP and smart cropping saved us huge amounts of time and bandwidth.



RideLink uses Thumbor to provide the most appropriate, and optimized, image for the platform our customer is using.

Setting it up and enhancing it was an easy task thanks to the good documentation and the available plugins.

Thanks to the team behind Thumbor for making our lifes easier!

Cheers! Erico Andrei - CTO



HeyCar is using Thumbor to optimize images for each customers device, taking network and screen sizes into account.

Our Thumbor instances run on our Kubernetes Cluster, served behind a CloudFront instance for caching purposes.

Huge Thanks to all Thumbor Contributors!

Marcelo Boeira - Software Engineer



Modalova is an online shopping website dedicated to fashion for men and women.

We use Thumbor to generate product thumbnails on our website Modalova, on the grid and also on the Product Pages.

We serve more than 2,000,000 products to our customers everyday and work with more than 10,000 brands on the fashion Market.

Our Thumbor instances are running on Heroku, behind the CDN Cloudflare.

Thanks again for this wonderful project,


Gabriel Kaam - CEO & Founder

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